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The 2022-23 leadership team adopted a new mission and presided over Business Impact Group's largest program expansion.

Led by Phillip Meng, the 2022-23 leadership team launched the Business Research Program and Community Development Consulting Program, Business Impact Group's first independent programs. 45 students participated in the Business Research program, drafting nine reports on topics like supply-chain resilience, cybersecurity, and Generative AI. 50 students participated in the Community Development Consulting Program, a consulting program for small-businesses and nonprofits that emphasize social good, across 8 engagements. 

In total, a record 163 unique students participated in Business Impact Group's programs across 35 projects. This was enabled by a new "Case Challenge" application process, which allowed the organization to consider more applicants. The largest program remained the Foster Consulting Program, through which BIG partners with the University's Consulting and Business Development Center.

The team enacted a quality overhaul. A 'project management office' increased oversight of project quality, standardizing templates, expanding training for project managers, and instituting a new resource library for consultants. The team introduced an evaluation program for consultants and established the Quarterly Award for outstanding performance. As the pandemic receded, the team reintroduced in-person events and supported teams' return to in-person collaboration. Business Impact Group co-hosted its first 'business leaders gala' and hosted a career event with Deloitte.

In May 2023, the leadership team adopted a new mission statement to refocus on Business Impact Group's work helping small businesses grow. At the same time, it grew the organization's independent capacity, including the establishment of an Advisory Board. The team also launched a new public website and piloted limited alumni engagement.

The 2022-23 leadership team led Business Impact Group's work in Fall 2022, Winter 2023, Spring 2023, and Summer 2023. It was succeeded by the 2023-24 leadership team in September 2023.


Phillip Meng
Chair, Advisory Board


Rebecca Rong
Director, Member Development and Program Innovation


Elian Chen
Vice President


Aman Brar
Director, Finance and Strategy


Maansa Jayaraman
Director, Project Management


Lydia Huang 
Director, Events and Organizational Development


Ash Arora
Director, Quality and Advancement


Emily Sanger
Director, Marketing and Recruitment


Stephanie Ispas
Director, Outreach and Client Relations


Alyssa Winterbauer
Director, Alumni Relations

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