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The Business Impact Magazine aims to inform and celebrate UW students by showcasing research, writings, and accomplishments from around the community. With each edition, students will have the opportunity to submit content and learn about trending topics from their peers, as well as insights from industry leaders. We welcome submissions from all RSOs to share their events and help build a more inclusive and connected community.

Business Impact

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Do I need to be in an RSO to submit content?

All UW students are welcome to submit content! We are hoping to be a hub for the Foster community to collaborate and share ideas and events. Any individual is welcome to submit personal written works and have the opportunity to have their writing published and distributed. This would be a great way to gain tangible experience and/or begin building a portfolio of professional work!

What topics are acceptable for submission?

We are looking to boost awareness of the great accomplishments realized by our students and faculty. We encourage you to submit writing about any business-related subject that you see as relevant to the Foster community. Examples include reports about current events in the business world, summaries of recent Foster events, write-ups of RSO accomplishments, and analysis of industry-specific issues. Our leadership is more than happy to discuss potential topics with you or how we can help to curate an established work of writing to fit the goals of the Business Impact.

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