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The Foster Consulting Program is a quarterly six-week long program run by the Business Impact Group and Foster's Consulting & Business Development Center (CBDC). Each team consists of five student consultants (1 freshman consultant, 4 consultants), one project manager, and several professional advisers, to provide consulting services to local businesses who are facing difficulties or challenges. This program gives students a chance to gain real-world business experience while servicing their community.

Foster Consulting Program


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Applications for the Foster Consulting Program are now closed


What Position Should I Apply For?
Freshman Consultant
Responsibilities are the same as described in the traditional consultant role. This program is open to students in their first year of their undergraduate degree. There is one freshman consultant per team.
​Consultants will examine and discover client-facing challenges. Research and develop creative business solutions to address the client's problem. Utilize business expertise to effectively present solutions to client in a digestible manner. There are four consultants per team.
Project Manager
Project Managers take ownership of team and client responsibilities, leading their team of 5 consultants throughout the project. PMs focus on client relations, scope development and facilitates communication between all parties. There is one project manager per team. Project Managers are promoted internally.

Application Process

What Does the Application Process Look Like?
General Application
The general application has 2 deadlines: The priority deadline, and the general deadline. We begin reviewing applications as soon as the priority deadline is reached to allow for each application to be carefully and thoroughly reviewed. Ideal candidates display strongly aligned interests, passion, and client-oriented mindsets, with less emphasis on professional experience.
Case Challenge
Following a review of applications, interviewees are sent a "Case Challenge". Each quarter's Case Challenge is unique in content and material, where interviewees present their findings and recommendations in a timely and creative fashion to their exec member interviewer. Ideal Case Challenges showcase a structured working process leading to feasible recommendations, as well as creativity and analytical skills. 
Consultant Training
Applicants who are accepted then undergo student consultant training sessions led by West Monroe Partners. Student consultant training sessions focus on best practices, frameworks, expectations and professional development. Following training sessions is the Project Kickoff led by the CBDC, where students meet with their assigned consultant teams and begin their 6-week long engagement with their client.

Client Engagement Overview

Each week is different from the next. Each client engagement in the Foster Consulting Program follows a structured 6-week long schedule (weeks 2-8 of each quarter) which maximizes students' abilities towards enabling real, client impact.
What Does Each Week Look Like?
Week 1 - Project Kickoff
Student consulting teams attend the quarterly project kickoff led by CBDC where teams will hold the initial meeting with their client.
Week 2 - Establish Project Scope
Student teams work to understand client pain points and needs, establishing a project scope.
Week 3 - Conduct Research
With project scope narrowed down, student teams begin their research approach towards addressing client needs and concerns.
Week 4 - Research Findings
Teams finalize & compile research findings to present to client.
Week 5 - Refining Deliverables
Teams work to refine and practice final presentation & report.
Week 6 - Final Presentation & Report
Client project engagement is wrapped up through final presentation & final report.

Consultant Expectations

By applying and becoming a student consultant for the Foster Consulting Program, you are making a commitment to this program, your team, and your client. You are expected to show up to team and client meetings and deliver your best efforts in this program.
Consultants are expected to communicate properly and professionally to their peers, as well as with clients. The Foster Consulting Program holds all student members to the highest level of professionalism and academic integrity, representative of Foster and the Consulting Business Development Center.
Student teams work directly with Foster Consulting Program clients. As business owners dedicating their time and efforts into this program, the Foster Consulting Program strives to maintain utmost professionalism during meetings, events and when representing the program on or off campus.

Student Testimonials


Grace Harbor Farms

"As stated prior, I went in having no idea what I was doing, but after this experience I have grown more confident in my abilities and look forward to doing another project with the Foster Consulting Program."

- Mikela Rivera

  • How can I get involved?
    The Foster Consulting Program operates in Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter for University of Washington Seattle undergraduates. Applications will open up on our website for the first two weeks of each quarter. We encourage everyone who is interested to apply; no experience is required.
  • What's in it for me?
    Participation in the Foster Consulting Program allows you to get real-world consulting experience. You an opportunity to apply those skills and the knowledge you have gained in the classroom to real problems facing local businesses. Additionally, you will develop and build on those skills throughout the program by getting valuable advice from industry experts who are assigned advisors to your team.
  • When does the Foster Consulting Program start?
    The Foster Consulting Program lasts around 6 weeks, typically kicking off during Week 2 of the quarter and concluding in Week 8.
  • Do I have to be a Business major to join?
    No, we welcome students from all majors to apply. We look for any student who is eager to help local organizations and passionate about engaging with the community. The teams with a diverse set of skills are often those that perform the best!
  • What is the average time commitment?
    The average weekly expected time commitment is 6-8 hours.
  • How should interested businesses get in touch?
    Interested businesses or advisors please contact Vy Nguyen Consulting and Business Center - Assistant Director Email Tel 206-543-3681
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