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National Consulting Program

Business Impact Group's new National Consulting Program (NCP) provides free consulting services to small businesses, social impact organizations, and non profits in all industries and stages of the business life cycle. Through this program—which is entirely student-run—we aim to accelerate economic and social growth, with a focus on underserved regions across the nation. 

Join Now

Applications for the National Consulting Program will reopen in Fall quarter.

Freshman Consultant
Responsibilities are the same as described in the traditional consultant role. This program is open to students in their first year of their undergraduate degree. There is one freshman consultant per team.
​Consultants will examine and discover client-facing challenges. Research and develop creative business solutions to address the client's problem. Utilize business expertise to effectively present solutions to client in a digestible manner. There are four consultants per team.
Project Manager
Project Managers take ownership of team and client responsibilities, leading their team of 5 consultants throughout the project. PMs focus on client relations, scope development and facilitates communication between all parties. There is one project manager per team. Project Managers are promoted internally.

How It Works

1 / The Exec team works to finalize the scope of the project and create a statement of work for the 6-week project.
3 / Teams are able to formulate hypotheses and potential solutions before meeting the client which focuses their lines of questioning.
2 / We then pair each client with a 6-person team of five student consultants and a Project Manager.
4 / Teams meet weekly with themselves and the client to provide updates on progress, ask for more information, and keep iterating on their solutions.
5/ Each project concludes with a final showcase of the culminated recommendations and deliverables developed over the course of the project. Research is summarized, solutions are explained, implementation is clarified, and details on feasibility, impact, and timeline are highlighted.

Consultant Expectations

By applying and becoming a student consultant for the National Consulting Program, you are making a commitment to this program, your team, and your client. You are expected to show up to team and client meetings and deliver your best efforts in this program.
Consultants are expected to communicate properly and professionally to their peers, as well as with clients. The National Consulting Program holds all student members to the highest level of professionalism and academic integrity, representative of the Foster School of Business.
Student teams work directly with the program's clients. As business owners dedicating their time and efforts into this program, we strive to maintain utmost professionalism during meetings, events and when representing the program on or off campus.
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