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Our Purpose

Business Impact Group offers a unique and valuable opportunity for students to apply lessons learned in the classroom setting directly to real-world business situations. In conjunction with the Consulting & Business Development Center, the Business Impact Group is proud to offer local businesses who typically do not have access to traditional consulting services the opportunity to work with our student consultants..

Each quarter, teams of student consultants will help companies grow by delivering innovative solutions to clients, and researching common business problems to build BIG's internal database and provide project support. If you are interested in helping companies achieve their goals, creating jobs in the community, and strengthening the regional economy, BIG Consulting is for you! 


The Foster Consulting Program is a quarterly six-week program where teams of five student consultants and one project manager provide consulting services to local businesses who are facing difficulties or challenges. This program gives students a chance to gain real-world business experience while servicing their community.

The Business Research Program is an internal training program aimed at preparing prospective consultants for the Foster Consulting Program. Program participants work in teams to generate reports and presentations on some issues facing Washington businesses. Participants can expect to gain foundational analysis and research skills.

By the numbers

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