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Helping Small Businesses Thrive

As the University of Washington's largest undergraduate consulting organization, we consult small businesses to accelerate their growth—and empower students to accelerate their careers.

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Business Research Program

The Business Research Program is an internal training program aimed at preparing prospective consultants for the Foster Consulting Program. Program participants work in teams to generate reports and presentations on issues facing local businesses, which is used to generate insight to pipeline into future client engagements. Participants can expect to gain foundational analysis and research skills.

Our Programs

At Business Impact Group, our leadership team runs 3 programs that help students further their professional development and growth: Foster Consulting Program, National Consulting Program, and Business Research Program.

Foster Consulting Program

National Consulting Program

The Foster Consulting Program, in partnership with the Consulting Business Development Center (CBDC), selects, trains, and leads teams of student consultants in a 6-week, quarter long, program to support women and minority-owned small businesses. The FCP focuses on client engagement and impact - driven and led by our student consultants with the support of professional advisers from top local firms.

The National Consulting Program (NCP) provides free consulting services to small businesses and community-based organizations. While the Foster Consulting Program is operated in partnership with the CBDC, the NCP is entirely student-led, focusing on providing high impact quarterly student-run consulting engagements to local underserved regions.

By the Numbers

We Mobilize Students to Support the Small Businesses Foundations of Communities

Through our two flagship programs, we select, train, and lead teams of student consultants to support women-owned, minority-owned, social impact, and non-profit businesses & organizations. We have supported businesses in a variety of areas: developing marketing and growth strategies, conducting financial analysis, recommending new supply chain management tools, and more!

From Our Recent Work

We Generate Insights for Small Businesses

Through our Business Research Program, we interview businesses and develop reports on important business issues to share with small businesses, while training students for consulting engagements.

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